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Inkjet Camouflage (2019)

Inkjet Camouflage came out of a speculative short story where handmade dazzle camouflage cloaks are used to evade computer-vision surveillance. I wanted to create a mockup of this using whatever material I had on hand, sourcing the fabric from household scraps and printing on it using an inkjet printer and freezer paper. It's accompanied by a pattern generator, something that I continued with as it became camogen.

image of a miniature figure with a black and white patterned cloak.
Inkjet Camouflage (2020)


pattern generator created using P5.js

For Inkjet Camouflage I created a pattern generator tool that eventually became camogen, a more full featured visual toolkit.

You can use dazzlegen embedded below or at https://dazzlegen.glitch.me