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installation, exhibited at E3 Convergence Gallery, Missoula, MT.

BEGINNER was built using Unity and MaxMSP. The visual elements are audio reactive, with a granular synthesizer placed in the room for participants to interact with.

a sample from A Vulgar Language (2016)

A Vulgar Language

installation, exhibited at Gecko Designs in Missoula, MT

A Vulgar Language was an experiment in generative language, vocal synthesis, and digital image manipulation. The project was built entirely in MaxMSP / Jitter. The vocal synth is modelled after VOSIM synthesis, which models the human voice by using a repeating burst of signal, which is then passed through several filters, representing physical volumes in the vocal tract. The vocal synth is fed by a simple generative language patch, which strips word segments from Andre Breton's Surrealist Manifesto, and reassembling them at random.