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[jit.hausu] is a video synth built in MaxMSP/Jitter, which I use for many of my live performances, as well as for music video and experimental pieces. The synthesizer relies heavily on a database of found footage and altered film clips, which are then fed through custom effects chains. This footage can then be combined with webcam footage or 3D models for further effect.

This is primarily my space to experiment with new triggers, sources, and shaders, so that I can easily incorporate them into new live visual sets. Having the freedom of quick patching in Jitter has made it a lot easier to explore the interactions between different effects.

old violence (2017)
ribbon feedback (2017)
losing form (2017)
young soldier (2017)

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promo for Partygoers album release show
promo for local show (caution, harsh noise)
promo for local show

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The Kitchen - Unnatural Blue (2018)